Customer Testimonials

On behalf of the Ohio State University Medical Center Service Board, I would like to congratulate you and your colleague of a very successful 7 day sale at our facilities. The jewelry was of high quality and priced very reasonability for our staff and visitors. We appreciate the superb customer service you all provided and I noted that customers went away happy as you meet their individual needs for sizing and other particulars. The volunteers that I talked to spoke very highly of the sale and the assistance you gave them in how to answer questions and help the customers. We look forward to having you come again this fall and next year and I’m sure there will great success again.

Ohio State University Medical Center Service Board

Your sales are always wonderful. We enjoy having you and your staff at Oak, and customers look forward to you always coming back.

Bethesda Oak Hospital Gift Shop

The SilverLady II is just a fabulous business to work with for any Hospital. Once Barbara and her staff walk into your areas, a new friendship begins with all your associates. They are gracious, customer service driven, and genuinely fun gals that give your associates a sense of pride about their purchases They are knowledgeable about their jewelry; how it's carefully made, how it needs to be cleaned and cared for, so that everyone feels comfortable with each purchase - as well as they stand behind all their merchandise and repairs if needed. In addition to their price points you will learn just delight your associates for it's reasonable and if payroll deduction is an option, this company makes it work for you and our hospital! I can't say enough about the SilverLady II - it's a relationship will continue to cultivate for many years, and your associates will remind you that they won't let a year go by without a visit from them!

University Hospital

The SILVERLADY II sales are the BEST SALES we have! Everyone looks forward to coming to see The SILVERLADY II!

The Christ Hospital
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